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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Don't know why the atmosphere quite icy tonight.

This morning, asked M to have lunch together since running tonight at RL. She said she got lunch appointment. Then later she said she will cancel her lunch appointment. Told her okay. Reached office and after checking, realised I also got a lunch appointment so in the end had to cancel lunch with M.

Evening while running, she said her office 6 ladies got flowers, out of which 5 were in her department including her 2 lady bosses. And no, she was not one of the remaining 3. Was there a hint somewhere?

It's getting more chilly now. I think I better go turn the aircon off :(


  1. alamak is obvious hint la~!!! U din GIVE her flowers. Dun think she meant u have to send to her office, give her when u meet oso can ma. a stalk oso can le. So, mebbie mother's day give her a carnation den? :p

  2. You think I print money is it? 1 stalk of flower cost $10 you know.

  3. Hi,

    I'm a wife myself. If it's me... I won't be upset that my hubby never gave me any flowers. When you have kids you know the importance of spending wisely. But I will be mad if he tells me that he has a lunch appointment and had to cancel ours (and that is after I had to cancel another appointment of mine just so that we can have lunch). If I can put him first why can't he do the same for me? Yes... I will be very very very very mad if he dares to do that to me.

  4. my son asked his dad wat's he doing for mummy on V-Day and dad replied we dun celebrate this day. then on V-Day, after he returned from his date with his GF, he asked his dad again. "Nothing?! Even (GF) dad bought special popiah for her mom!"

    There you go, you're not too bad after all.

    Susan :)

  5. Hi Susan er which Susan are you?

    Anyway, at the end of the day, I did spent the night with my Mrs even though we were running so I guess that counts a little bit? no?

  6. Hi Susan,

    Your son got GF already? Likedat my kid like very behind time hor:)