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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Makan

With the main bulk of the birthday celebration done over the weekend, the actual day's celebration was rather low key. No fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Started the day with dessert at Dessert Hut at Marine Parade where we had the Ah Baling soup. I had the ginger soup whilst M had the peanut soup. Both are well done = not too sweet and the glutinous ball was superbly done with the right amount of filling.

For lunch, we went to the River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodle stall at Macpherson. From the various clippings all over; practically from all the major publications and tv programs - the noodles must be good. I've always maintained a good prawn noodle is in the stock and indeed this one was thick and solid. There was no fish cake, meat slice or anything extra just beansprout, plenty of shallots and 3 mid size prawns. But this are my favorite type of prawn though - deshelled leaving only the head so no messy hand here. Yum Yum.

Supposed to adjourn to Tong Shui for desert but M developed a mild gastric so the rest of the day was canned.

For dinner, went back to G7 Sinma live seafood at Geylang. The highlight of the food was of course their signature big head prawn. This comes at a price though - $49/- for 5 prawns. But it was deliciously shiok. We also had 2 crabs - one cooked buttered with salted egg and another usual chilli crab.
The buttered crab was quite good but the chilli crab was a disappointment.
The other dish worth mentioning was the fried brinjal with long beans and silver fish. The fried brinjal tasted like potatoes wedges and was quite good but overall a bit too salty.

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