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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mooncake 2008

Reflecting the not so good economy, the moon cake count this year has dropped compared to last year.

First box was from Pine Court restaurant. The usual stuff. Not fantastically great.
The second box was a box of snow skin moon cakes from Bakerzin called Magic. This was good. Each mooncake, there were 4 different favours were filled with a different type of alcohol like rum, champagne, whiskey. This was followed by a box from Royal China at Raffles Hotel. Again, the usual lotus paste mooncake with egg yoke. Not something I really fancy.This was followed by another box from Raffles Hotel, this time from the Hotel itself and this has got to be the best - a box of snow skin champagne, truffles filling with ganache. This was real good so brought back half for the family to try but they don't really seem to appreciate it!
Here is a very good review with photos.

And that's all from my office. Terrible but good for my waist line:)

Back home, there was a box from Inter-Continental Hotel courtesy of M's client which we are still struggling to finish even now!
Then little sis had to come and make it worse by giving Mum a box of yam paste mooncake from Peony Jade Restaurant which hasn't been touched yet. Sorry Sis if you reading this - next time don't buy for her. Of course, sis didn't buy it for me but for Mum who actually wanted the traditional type which M got from Thye Moh in Geylang and which is also my favourite although I prefer those from Mui Lee.And finally there is this cute little one from M's colleague:All pictures taken using camera phone so not too appetising!

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