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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over React?

Me think our gahmen has been overreacting recently.

First the handcuffing of the photographer. Granted the photographer was in the way. But was there really a necessity to handcuff him for his own 'safety'?. Now I don't know what safety issue we are talking about here? Was there a monster in the floodwater and they had to protect him from it?

Then there was that chap who blogged about the arrest and because he was a police NSF, he was arrested and charged! Again that was uncalled for. As a private citizen, he should be able to comment freely about such matter and his status as an ex-cop should not matter. What was the police so paranoid about in this case? Some skeletons in the water that they don't want anybody to dig out?

Then the sudden rush to implement a slew of housing policy to cool the property market. Was the market heading so sky high that such draconian measures are required. As I recall, prices have not even reach the peak of 1996. And what did they do when properties in prime areas were being snapped up at astronomical prices 2 years ago? Why the need to come up with measures that totally smack of last minute decisions and have not been carefully thought through?

And last but not least, the ban on the bus to the IR? Come on, don't tell me they were not aware of the bus services which has been running for the past few months. One lousy complain and slam bang there goes the buses. Surely they could have taken some time to assess it and maybe get the operators to make some changes to the routes/timing instead of stopping the services totally?

What are they going to do next?


  1. Hey read the forum from this gambling addict, he was so frank and forecoming about the rest of the vices in neighbourhood and yes alot of workers take the free bus services to IR too...... :(

  2. I think for the bus services, they should just have made it such that the bus cannot stop in front of the IR and also disallow midnight trip.

    Next cry father cry mother will be the recommendation on the screening of R21 movies in neighbourhood cinemas. Watch how the gahmen react to turn down the proposal in double quick time!