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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Berlin Wall, Singapore

Yes you read the header right. Berlin Wall, Singapore. Yes there is a little slice (4 to be precise) of the Berlin Wall right here in Singapore and it's authentic, not something the people in the big country up north cooked up.

And this plague is the Certificate of Authenticity.
This little bit of the Berlin Wall was donated to Singapore by the Germans and today it stands proudly in Bedok Reservoir, a testimony of the freedom that the people of East German nows enjoy. Maybe one day the people of North Korea will also be free of their own 'Korean' wall.

But hor, if Singapore do really have its own Berlin Wall, I am sure it will be just a plain old boring wall, not this beautiful piece of graffiti art. Cause who dares to draw anything on public property here? Afterward, kena cane and jailed then how?

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