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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sarawak Land of the Proboscis Monkey

Day 3 and it was still raining. Sighed. Originally, we had wanted to go to Gunung Gading National Park to see the Rafflesia flower but according to hotel sources, it wasn’t blooming and there was no point in going. Anyway, with the rain, figured we need to go somewhere indoor and where else but the caves. So we got the taxi driver to send us to the Wind Caves. Sighed again. It wasn’t really our day. The caves were closed for maintenance. So we made our way to the next cave, the Fairy Caves. This wasn’t so bad with a spectacular interior. Like a mini park within the cave. 

But with 1 destination down, we had time to kill and nowhere to go. In the end, the taxi driver suggested we go to the Annah Rais longhouse, an hour drive away. RM200 and 1 hour later, we reached this place and was in and out within 10 minutes. Not the type of things that we want to see. What a waste of time. 

Lunch was at this popular coffeeshop in Carpenter street where we had more local food. This time, the specialty here was the tanghoon fishball yong tau foo. 

Back to the hotel and then it was one more try for the Wildlife River Cruise. This time, the sky held up and we were aboard. But it was high tide, in fact more than high tide. The people there called it King tide and with the high tide and fast flowing river, we did not manage to see any dolphin or crocodile. We did managed to see the Proboscis monkey and firefly. Even managed to cup the fireflies in our hand. Cheap trill but it was the best of the trip so far. 

Back in Kuching, we had dinner at a local food centre where we had zhizhar. Prawns, vegetable, sotong, ngoh hiang, soup and rice for just RM58. It’s a miracle there are so few obese people in Sarawak. 

And so we move on to our last day. Will the weather held up for us to go to at least one of the National Park? Read here.

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