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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tampines Quarry

Have heard about this place and finally found the time to visit it. Once inside the track, one is greeted by the sight of a panoramic view of the quarry.

There were lots of activities going on when we were there.

There were this group of people who were sailing remote control boat. There was this guy with this own made can collector boat. Pretty impressive as he demonstrated to us the boat ability to go round collecting the drink cans that people dump in the quarry.

There were a number of shrines. I guess most of these are abandoned by HDB residents who have given up worshiping them or ran out of space in their home.

When we were there that particular evening, we came across a group of people with bags and bags of fishes.

Following a prayer by a monk (looks like one of those Lamas) after which they let go all the fish. Sigh. Don't these people realise they are only releasing these little fishes to be food for the bigger fish that inhabits the quarry? Or maybe that was their intention all along?

Anyway, I managed on another day to explore the place further. Read about it here.

For those who wants to go to this place, apply liberally insect repellent. The mozzies here are commando 'standard'!

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