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Monday, November 21, 2011

Teo Heng Teochew Porridge

My absolute favourite Teochew Porridge. But unfortunately, one that I can only get to eat once in a while because like all typical Teochew porridge, it's is quite pricey. There are 2 stalls, one at Hong Lim Complex and another at Amoy Street.

Amoy Street
Hong Lim. Signboard changed after the upgrading of the hawker centre

Unlike the other Teochew Porridge stalls which has a wide variety of foods, what Teo Heng has is less limited but it more than make up what it lack in  quantity with quality! The food they served can be divided into 2: Black and White. The white are the fishcake, fishball, sotong, tofu and their specialty taukwa pok.

The black are the duck, braised pork and inards, and the best semi-hard boiled eggs in the whole world! They way they do the egg, the york is not hard and dry but a bit runny and it taste wonderful. They used to use duck eggs before switching to chicken egg which is not quite as good but still wonderful!

They also serve a mean salted vegetables which is usually served over a steam fish. Talking about fish, the fish they served is a must try but be warned - it can be pretty expensive.

A typical lunch for me (as picture above) without fish is about $5.00 to $6.00 and with fish, it is usually at least $10.00 per person which is why I only patronise the stall like once every 2 weeks. But judging from how early they sold out, I don't think they miss my business. 

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