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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personal Parking Lot?

This Merc seems to have found himself a nice private parking space right in a HDB multi-storey car park. The shelter seems purposed built just for it. Lucky soul.
But wait a minute, what is the red stuff on the floor just next to the left of the car?

Closer look. Its says "PARKING".  Wow, HDB very good tell people this is for parking is it?
Double Wow, Singapore Cricket Club member somemore. Wonder what's it doing in a humble HDB carpark?


  1. Yo.....I don't think public fund is used for exclusive parking like this wor.....some constituents must request so long for sheltered walkway difficult wor.....

    Must monitor this car leh....always park at this lot is it???? Must check leh...maybe this is meant to be a shelter for the physically challenged one leh...

    Check check.....must be a mistake there...

  2. Ha Sh?onge, u missed the sarcasm in the post:) I was trying to point out that the Merc was illegally parking in a no parking lot. But I guess the point didn't come across too well right.

  3. Yo Koh...I know what you mean and I trying to be paint it in a different light.... :) Now you have to see if this chap park here all the time....time to call the relevant authority man...Koon ah :)