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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden by the Bay South - Supertree Grove

After a few runs in the newly opened Garden by the Bay South with nothing to remember the expensive but beautiful trees, finally went back on a non-running day to take some pictures.  Due to time constraint, we went straight to the Supertree Grove. The artificial trees with all the lights remind me of the trees in Avatar the movie. The 18 trees are actually artificial structures resembling trees but they are planted all round with real plant. We went late so there wasn't enough light to capture the plants on the trees but we managed to watch the beautiful light show which comes on nightly at 7.45 pm and 8.45pm.

A little bit of creative play here
The photos are not very well taken though. For a much more beautiful view of the place, visit my friend, Aram Pan's VR site for a virtual reality tour of the garden.

Admission to the Supertree Grove is free but going up to the Skyway cost money.

Hopefully, will be able to find some time soon to visit the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome.

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