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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beef Noodles

A new noodle stall at Amoy Food Centre. The stall name says Pepper Bowl but it doesn't sell those pepper rice that is everywhere now. Instead its main dish is beef noodle.

I tried the dry beef noodle and I know now why the stall is called Pepper Bowl because there is certainly a lot of black pepper in the noodle. A very different taste from the usual beef noodle found in the food centre. More the beef hor fun style. Not a bad dish but definitely nothing to rave about.

What is nice is the fried seafood taupuk. Fried to a crisp outside and soft inside. Come with a sweet sauce which I think is not necessary. This one I like very much. To borrow a phrase, "die die must try".

But what got me excited is the durian puree which the stall call durian brulee. Sadly I haven't gotten round to trying it yet. A bit too strong for lunch time. Cannot afford to have durian breath in the office but damn it sure look goods!

Anyway, their credentials? This page of reviews say it all:

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