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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Grandfather Road

Picture from Insing
When I read the news that a young lady has been arrested for spray painting the words "My Grandfather Road" and putting up all those stickers on traffic light, I was like whoa! how come I never see any of them and some more some of these were near my work place!

Picture from Stomp
I think its a disgrace that the authorities are charging her for vandalism. Maybe they are using her as an example. But just look at the amount of notices, advertisements put up by tuition centre, illegal money lenders, etc etc on lamp posts, traffic lights, bus stops and practically everywhere. How come I never hear people being arrested for these offences

Picture from Stomp
As for the graffiti on the road, I have seen a very solid looking one on a wall of a row of house. I have also seen graffiti on underpass walls. Ok I never seen any painting on the road although some ad agencies have occasionally put up stickers on the pavement. Except for the MRT case, this is the first time I hearing of someone being arrested for vandalism. And vandalism in Singapore is like a major offence with canning!

Anyway, I hope the authorities will see the whole incidence as something creative from a naive young girl and let her off with a warning. By all means, punish her if they must - maybe get her to remove the stickers, paint up the graffiti or even better get her to do a community project but don't stick her with a record!

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