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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Trip to Johor

Went for a day trip to Johore.

First stop was the newly opened Johor Premium Outlet. Everybody had warned that there was nothing there to buy. Prices are not as cheap as factory outlets in say Hongkong or the US. One guy predicted we will be in and out within half an hour. 2 hours later, some of us were still reluctant to leave. Prices isn't really cheap and there are not that many shops but for the shopaholic among us, it was good enough.

But of course like any true blue Singaporean, our main objectives for this day trip was to eat. So after some research on the web, we decided on this place.

Thanks to Johorkaki, we had this wonderful feast of back to basic solid braised meal of duck, taupok, egg, pig ear, pig skin and pig intestines.

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant highly recommended by a colleague. It was a restaurant by the beach facing Sembawang. We reached there at about 5pm and already there were people eating there! At first I thought it was one of those place designed to suck Singaporean tourists but judging the number of Malaysian cars that vastly outnumbered Singaporean cars, it was a hit with the Malaysian as well and when our food came, we could understand why.

The place is a typical seafood restaurant common everywhere in this part of the world. The food wasn't that fabulous but what matters was that it was reasonably priced and the portion was big. These was what we ordered for our table of 10 and the total cost came to about RM$300.00 which works out to less than S$20.00 per person, something we will never be able to get in Singapore, not even at the coffeeshop zhi-zhar stall.
Sambal Kangkong
Laksa Prawn
Fried seafood toufoo. One of the house speciality.
Steam fish
Black pepper crab
Undoubtedly the highlight of the trip. The dinner alone was worth the hassle of going over the causeway.

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