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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Market Grill

A brand new food outlet opened recently at Amoy Street/Telok Ayer area. Actually, quite a lot of new food outlets but this place caught my attention because of its decor. But since we were there for the food and not for the decor, the photos are of the food we ordered and not the place.

My colleague ordered the Portebello hamburger.

I had some beef thingy. I can't remember what exactly what I ordered and the blurry photos certainly didn't help. This was in early February!

But I did enjoyed the food and the ambience. Price wise it wasn't really that expensive unless we order the Wagyu beef. Nice place to bring a office colleague for a quickie lunch or a office romance sneakaway!

PS: I must really learn to take better pictures with my handphone

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