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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catch of the Day!

The lone surviving koi has died after sticking it out alone for oh so many months. Poor fish. Bad enough that we had to relegate it to a tank, but the pleco was forever chasing it. Somehow I am amazed it survived more than a year when all its other fishy cousins has gone to that great big ocean long ago.

Anyway, with its demise, this free up the tank for the long overdue conversion to a shoreline theme tank. The plan is to have some crabs, lobsters and maybe mudskipper and archer fish. So this evening, went down to Lower Pierce to begin the first phase of the conversion - catch some lobster. Why buy when you can get em free? As usual, Alicia managed to catch some prawns, a small lobster and what looked like a goby. Good enough to start.
The mud lobster and prawns
Is this a goby?
But before going further - anybody need a common pleco?

And this is the other tank that I have with the number of fish shrinking by the day:(

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