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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Spy ~ Foul Mouth

Was at the company's booth at the Motorshow on Sunday evening waiting for the contractor to come in and dismantle. We have a pair of game arcade race machine there and these 2 young ladies from a fellow exhibitor came over to play on the machine.

They must have been in their early twenties and quite 'lian'. But what shocked me was the language they were cursing in as they maneourve their way through the course. Not for them the usual 4 letters word or the 'wah lau' type of swearing words. Those are too tame for them. Instead, the Hokkien expletives they were using would leave even the most street tough guy in shock! Yah the real hard core type of words....I can't bring myself to repeat it here, but it include the mother, the private parts and everything and all these scream out loud in public.

I think if I am their father, I wouldn't have any face left to see my relatives if I have such daughters. 

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