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Monday, October 6, 2008

Serangoon Garden

Did the Serangoon residents really expect the government to back down and agree to their 'demand'. If so, they must think they are living in some western country. Maybe without the rah rah and loud noise, and behind the door negotiation, the residents may have got their wish. Don't they ever learn that in Asia, loud protest doesn't cut any ice with the government. Witness Myammar, China, Malaysia. One thing these government and definitely the Sg government know is - give in to these people and it will set all sort of precedents. Also, this will be seen as a sign of weakness and a loss of face. 

So right from the start, it was a foregone conclusion that the dormitory is a case closed.  And I cheered the outcome! Who do those snobs think they are - to pick and choose their neighbours. I say not happy with the decision, sell the place and move somewhere else - may be to Siberia. Sure got no construction workers in their backyard!

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