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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beautifully Imperfect

Just read that there is this contest by MCYS to find the most "beautifully imperfect couple" This "aims to inspire marriage-minded singles to find that person person based on character and personality, instead of applying society's checklist of beauty, wealth, education and family background" More about this here & here and of course in Facebook.

Going by the articles in the St, methink me and M could have qualified for this if we were still single. For us, not only is our height disparity much greater, we were as different as snowflakes or some say day and night. When I knew her, she was sporty, played games and I was a bookworm. We came from different religious background, different type of home environment. We shared totally zilch and different interests and the only common ground we have was our skin colour and dialect.

Anyway, I think opposites attract so usually it is relationship where both parties do not share a lot of similar traits that endures. For eg, if both party are of equally strong mind, there is bound to be problem. In any case, be it beautifully imperfect or perfectly matched, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a relationship. So when you meet someone, don't just dismiss the person if he or she is not your idea of a perfect match. Who knows, there may be a unpolish diamond behind that plain simple look. Read this and watch the video for a very touching love story

PS: MCYS: Got any rewards for plugging this?

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