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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seafood and Durian

This evening a group of us went to ulu Yio Chu Kang to a small little eatery known as Crab Party. There was no crab partying there. In fact if I am a crab, I wouldn't be partying there cos crabs get eaten there big time.

After reading about how this place was supposed to be a spin off from the Still Road crab place, had decided for quite some time to try it out but never actually got round to it until today.

What did we had? Naturally, crabs - 1 black and 1 red plus some other stuff.
The black pepper crab was much better than the chili crab which was a tad to sourish for most of us. The crab was of medium size and cost around $45 each which was a pleasant surprise as I had expected the prices to be on the high side.
The other items we had was the garlic prawn, coffee pork rib, cuttlefish kangkong and the sinfully fried pork knuckle.
It was a mistake to order this as it left most of us pretty full with not much space for the highlight of the evening.

Durian. Cos 717 durian was just a stone throw away and we couldn't pass it up so we trooped there after the rather heavy meal and forced ourselves to gorge down $10 worth of mangosteen and 3 D24 durian.

How was the food? Let's just say the price is reasonable but I really don't think there is any compelling reasons to go back there again. Don't get me wrong. The food isn't half bad but I can think of many many places with much better seafood and crab. In fact we were already discussing over dinner to go to a certain place in AMK or go for lunch on a little island even more ulu than YCK.

As for the durians, we didn't get to try any of the more exotic brand and since we were already pretty stuff, I think most of us was thankful we only ordered 3. Still the standard of durian at 717 is always pretty consistent and certainly we have no complains.

Excuse me while I go to burb.

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