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Friday, April 15, 2011

An Eulogy to a Wonderful Lady

I first got to know her more than 20 years ago. She was the ex-girlfriend’s paternal auntie. A rotund lady, she, like most people of that girth, was always jovial. In fact I have never seen her really scolding her children, grand children or the 2 boys of which she was the guardian to. She had a loud crackling laughter and was almost always in a good mood. Nothing seems to get her down. Even during this just passed Chinese New Year, when she was in the hospital and we visited her, she was making jokes about the Kid despite the fact that she appears to be in pain from the poison that was coursing through her.

Unfortunately for her and sadly for all her loves one, she eventually succumbed to the disease that was eating her up.

Sunday afternoons at Tampines will never be the same again. Who is going to eat up all the fish stomach that we do not eat? Who’s going to cook the fried mee siam that is so not available anywhere else?  
She will be missed. Gone from us physically but never from our heart. RIP.

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