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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steak Anyone?

Scientists are now trying to create artificial meat. This is good news for animal lovers who abhor the process and high cost of getting the piece of steak to the table. In fact PETA has offered a cool $1m to the first company to produce a commercially viable food made from artificial meat. But I think the $1m is small beef (pun intended) to the company if it can successfully grow pork or steak in the laboratory.

Scientists in the Netherlands have now more or less managed to grow what it described as ‘soggy’ pork in the laboratory. Predictions are that the first 'real' meat will be on the dining table within 5 years,  just as soon as they can teach the piece of meat to ‘exercise’ and grow muscle so that it taste like the meat we eat today.

But if that does not sound yucky enough, how about this – the inventive Japanese have actually taken the lead as usual. Way back in 1993, Japanese scientists actually created the world’s first artificial meat – from poo! The process involves extracting proteins from the solids in sewage and then mixing it with soya and flavouring it with steak sauce derivative. The final product is said to be high in protein with a similar texture, consistency and taste to beef. Our Newater don't sound so bad in comparison right?

Steak anyone?

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