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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angus Steak House

I don't eat steak very often although I love beef. My favourite is Beef Hor Fun but on occasions it is a sort of to must have nice western food meaning steak. Unfortunately, my unadventurous mind and cheapo self usually bring us to the few usual places like The Ship, Shashlik and some weird places where the prices is more affordable. However, since this was our 21st anniversary, abit 1 day late dinner, decided that we need to go to a slightly more different place. After trawling the net, finally, settled for this place at Ngee Ann City.

And I must said I am pleased as punch about the decision. Have passed by the place a few times but never been inside cos it looked expensive.

Anyway, we ordered steak what else! M had the tenderloin since she likes the meat to be more tender while I had the ribeye. All of them done char grilled style. We ordered the set dinner which comes with the full works.

The first item to arrive on our table was the hor d'oeuvre. Why can't they just call it appetizer? But what an appetizer! It was a fine piece of cod fish very tastefully done. And not too small a piece too!

Next was the soup. The soup of the day was Cream of Carrot. It looks like baby food to me but it taste good and although I am not really a western soup fella, I finished every drop of it.

 Then came a small .bowl of greens. I guess cow eat grass and since we are going to eat the cow, it makes sense for us to eat some grass before eating the cow! Forgot to mention this place is a Japanese steak house so the salad came with Japanese sauce and not the usual dressing.

Finally what we came for. The steak. Tender delicious and beautiful looking steak. For the first time ever in my life since I know her, M did not ask for chilli sauce. The steak was that good. And unlike the usual places, there was no large amount of french fries or other stuff to spoil the taste. Just good old piece of steak and some greens and potatoes.

Following the steak, there came a nice little piece of cake for dessert and a coffee. And all this for an average of $65.00 per head well worth the money.

And oh for those who gets all excited about girls in uniforms, the waitress here wear the cute little chambermaid uniform. Service is excellent with the waitress being very attentive.

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