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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kiasuism at its Highest Level

This is something that I want to blog about for a long long time but somehow never got around to. The picture is of the MRT entrance at Cecil Street/Telok Ayer Street. Seems pretty ordinary right?

In this second photo, noticed the circled item? These are CCTV camera. At this entrance, there are a total of 4 cluster of camera and each cluster has 6 cameras facing every which way but up. 2 set of them are on the right and 2 sets on the left which means there are a total 24 cameras at one entrance alone.  

And apparently this is not just at Tanjong Pagar but at all the other MRT stations. Further, walk into the Tanjong Pagar station at the concourse and platform level and you will see more cameras. In fact, there are cameras everywhere.  Maybe that's why they need to increase transport fares?

But the most ironical thing is, go to any above ground station and you can hardly find any cameras on the open platform. So it seems the authorities are more concerned with terrorist threats and sabotage rather than recording how people seems to be falling on the tracks.

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