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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hanging Garden of Cecil Street

This looks like a fairly ordinary building in the heart of the city. 

But goes behind the facade and onto the walkway, look up and this is what one will see.
A vertical garden just above the walkway.

A closer look at the plants

Continue to look up into the "skylight" and plants extend all the way up to the top.

A closer look at the overhead garden through the sky light

It's really beautiful. I love looking at the plant whenever I walked past. And there's a cooling sort of feeling and it's made more realistic whenever the auto sprinklers comes on and spray water on everybody below!

Yes kudos to the smart alec who came up with this brilliant piece of garden in the air but did the chap took into consideration the cost of the maintenance? Every time, they need to trim or replace the plant, they have to put up scaffolding which to me seems pretty wasteful and I am quite sure before long the building owner will get enough of the cost and remove the plants. 

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