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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angkor Wat

Our main purpose of this trip was to run the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon but of course just seeing the temples during the run is definitely not enough and so we made a return visit after the race.

We only had half a day so our friendly tuk tuk driver brought us to the main highlights of the immense complex

Angkor Wat. This has got to be the most famous of the temple complex in Cambodia.

Angkor Thom/Bayon. I find this more interesting than Angkor Wat.  There are a series of temples here - the central temple being Bayon. Climbing up and down the place was all joke and the sidekick who has a fear of height was terrified of climbing all the way up to the top but she did it!

Ta Prohm.This old temple is most unique. It is slowly being destroyed by the giant trees whose roots are uprooting and covering all the buildings.

Finally, instead of bringing us to the more popular Phom Bakheng for the obligatory sunset photoshoot, our tuk tuk driver brought us to an alternative place, Pre Rup which was easier for us to climb up. 

Unfortunately, the place overlooks a vast forest which means the photo could have been taken anywhere and the cloud had to act as a party pooper and covered up the sun so nicely that all I could get was these 2 streaks of sunlight.

The rest of the photos here

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