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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Angus Steakhouse

Another post on food. Bear with me. After all, this is the festive season and I have been eating and eating. But only the good or unique food get to be admitted to my blog post of fame or infamy for those who serve only mediocre food and yet claim to be good.

This time we were at Black Angus Steakhouse at Tanglin Road. The review of this place on Hungry Go Where wasn't that good though and I was a bit hesitant about going there but since none of us have been there before, we decided to give it a try anyway.

The most noticeable thing about the place was the excellent service rendered by this waitress, a lady who is in her fifties. She was so cheerful and friendly. Just because of her alone, I was prepared to put up with any bad food, if there was.

Each of us ordered a different dish. M has one of the grill combo which comes with a piece of prime rib and barbecue prawns.

The Princess had a normal piece of steak.

The Kid has the prime rib with lobster combo.

And I had the salmon and steak combo.

The set meal comes with side of baked potatoes, vegetables and either a salad or soup.

Was the food good? Well, it wasn't too bad although I had expected better. But the portion was fairly big and overall, I felt it was fair value for money. And of course the service was excellent. Certainly worth going back.


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