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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

So far the type of food I eat has been restricted to local food, Japanese, Thai, Italian as in pizza and pasta and western which is mainly steak. I haven't got for any thing exotic apart from the occasional German food. But recently my taste bud went on an overdrive and I found myself eating Costa Rica (more of that later) and Spanish food. 

One evening we found ourselves at Vivocity and not knowing what to eat, decided to try out this place.

One reason I don't like to eat at this type of place is that I don't know how to pronounce the name of the dishes. And I don't want to end up ordering weird food that smell like somebody shoes. And the serving staff are no help most of the time, the way they rattle off the name in double quick time over the loud music.

Fortunately for us, at Serenity, the menu comes with English translation. The music was also not too loud and the friendly staff was able to recommend suitable dish for us. Still, we play it safe and ordered some familiar food.

We started off with this Salteado de SetasSaut√©ed (see what I mean about the name? which is actually mixed mushrooms with garlic & extra virgin olive oil. This is good but more than good, M believes she can reproduce it.

Next we had a sopa. No wrong spelling here. It is Spanish for you guess it soup. And it comes with a fancy name to boot Crema de Mariscos which is actually Seafood cream soup with mussel, prawn, dory and squid rings. Some sort of like Tom Yum soup but in cream base. 

Our soup looks nothing like the picture in the menu though:
But thankfully the ingredients are all inside the soup. 

The waiter said paella is the staple food of the Spanish so we die die must try. Imagine our surprise when what came before us look much like our claypot rice just that this one that we ordered had loads of seafood instead of chicken on top. What we had is the Paella Valenciana (Valencia Paella) which is Saffron, chicken, Spanish chorizo, tiger prawns, squid, half shell mussels, rice.

I must said it is a very filling dish. And looks pretty easy to prepare too. I think I will enjoy eating Spanish food.
For drinks, we had this "mocktail" which is nice expensive juice. Nice to try once in a while but give me a beer any time! 

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