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Friday, December 28, 2012

NIght Creatures at Cameron Highlands

As there is basically nothing to do in Cameron Highlands at night, we decided to go jungle trekking. We signed up with this tour company who brought us to this place near a Malay kampung. It was raining as usual when we arrived which was a bit disappointing as most of the forest creatures would have gone into hiding.
Still we managed through the knowledge of our guide to spot several insects including some weird creatures such as this stick insect
We also spotted several of ths forest frogs. 
Spiders of course 
And this long legged centipede which the guide claimed is also a first for him.
Then he showed us this little critter which he had originally mistook for a fire fly. But on closer look, it is in fact a caterpillar.
And the thing about this caterpillar? It glows in the dark!
All in, it was an interesting 3 hours walking through the forest. Except for the rain which dampened the spirit, it was worth every penny and minute of it.

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