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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not all birds are lovable

I stayed in an estate where just by walking short distance, I can see lot and lot of birds. From the common mynahs and sparrow to the more exotic birds like the heron, egret, parakeets and many others whom I cannot identify.

Every morning I wake up to the chirping of birds from the birds on the trees just behind my place. This is the tree. This tree is flowering now and attracts many birds including this beauty

Now that the tree is flowering, it is attracting more birds including bats and this bird

Photo from The Hindu newspaper
I like birds. I enjoyed listening to them and waking up to them. On my runs in Pasir Ris Park, I always try to look out for the heron screeching away. So I was quite disturbed to read in the papers about some complaints by people about the Koels and asking for them to be culled! What the hell. It's just some bird calls so why kick such a big fuss. After all we should be thankful that we have such a wide variety of birds.

And then a koel decided to join the crowd on the tree behind my place. And it makes its presence felt at 4am in the morning when the night is still as quite as dead. And all of sudden, I understand the sentiments of those who complained about the bird. Imagine being waken up at 4am by this

(Video from xeno-canto Asia)

Thankfully the bird has so far make it appearance on alternate day but always at about 4am and will perform until about 7am. Sighed..... how to like something like that?

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely photos Koh, can't see this clip from work shall check it out at home :)

    Although Koels might have disturbed the community but personally I do enjoy them especially when i take a walk to the MRT station :)

    By the way Koh, still having problem uploading pix :( Should I pay or migrate to wordpress?