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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One shithead of a Guy

Was at the Thasevi roti prata on Sunday morning when I witnessed something incredible.

This guy was with his family including old lady, children and maid. After emptying 2 bottles of soft drinks, he turned round and put the 2 empty bottles on the next table. The only problem - the next table wasn't an empty table. There was a lady occupying it. Can see her face changed. In shock but she didn't do anything.

After some time, the inconsiderate shithead of a guy did the same thing again - this time he placed some soiled utensils on her table! Now we can see the lady boiled. She took her water bottle and slammed it on her table making the shithead guy and his wife jumped But unfortunately that was as far as all she did.

Now if I were her, I couldn't have tolerate the 1st time. I would have politely returned the 2 bottles to him and if he had protested or attempted another stunt like that on me, I would have empty my cup of tea all over his table!

I wondered what type of kids will be bring up with his type of behavior!

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