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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Korean Melon

Picked up this interesting looking fruit from the Sun Moon outlet.

It is a Korean Melon. About the size of a dragonfruit or a large apple, this looks like a cross between a bell pepper and a papaya. The inside looks like a winter melon and taste like a rock melon but not as sweet. More like the big Korean pear. The skin can be eaten too.

At $2.00 a pop, it is not exactly cheap but according to this, it is low in fat, calories and sodium, melons are cholesterol-free. A good source of vitamin C, plus some potassium, melons offer dietary fiber. Er cheaper than a scoop of Ben & Jerry?


  1. Sweet anot besides all the nutritional value you mentioned>?

  2. Not sweet sweet like cherry but a little sweet like fragrance pear