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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day. A day when the old man is supposed to sit back, relax and enjoy pampering from his family.

For this old man though, it didn't turn out very well. The day started well though, a long sleep in followed by a nice brunch at Taste Paradise (more for the FIL than for me).

Then the car decided to get in on the Father's day thingy and gave me a 'present'. A flat tire! In my so many years of driving, I had never got a flat. Flat battery yes, twice to be exact but flat tire? And of all the days! &*(#%$. Nevermind, I know how to change tire. Should be piece of cake. Took out the jack, the wrench and the spare. Found the right spot, jack up the car a bit and insert the wrench and.... nothing! OMG, I couldn't #&)#+ loosen the bladdy nuts! No amount of twisting and turning help. In the end, I had to sheepishly call the workshop to come down. $42 poorer nevermind but so malu. A big strapping guy that can't change a car tire and to add salt to the injury, the guy took less than 5 minutes to change the whole tire. Turns out you got to step on the miserable piece of metal shit as it is too small and does not provide enough leverage. No amount of brute strength is going to help. Or you have those humongous pipe thingy that the mechanic uses. Maybe should get one of them. Can use as weapon somemore:)

At least the day ends well. Got a surprise present from the kids. Didn't expect it actually since the emphasis is always on Mother's day and Father's day is a poor forgotten occasion. Thanks guys.

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