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Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Saturday Afternoon in Orchard Road

One of the few times that I walked down Orchard Rd from Scotts Rd till Orchard Central. Along the way, pass this giant poster that has been attracting the wrong attention.

Some 'concerned' citizens have written to the press to complain that the ad is indecent! Read the complaints here and here. I looked left and right and mostly up and down and frankly I can't see anything indecent about it. However, I do agree that the ad should be removed. I thinkthe visual of a half naked male torso serve more to attract the 'other' group of 'guy'. Me think, they should replace it with something that is more soothing to the eyes like this ad:

Further down the road saw this super long queue snaking all the way from Orchard Building to Yan San Building. 

What were they queuing for? To get into H&M, the latest international brand that opens its door in Singapore today. People even queue up overnight! All this to get into an outlet which is so common in other part of the world! Singaporean really got nothing better to do!

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