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Friday, September 2, 2011

Chinatown - Preserving the Old

The gahmen has been trying to preserve the old pre-war shophouses in Chinatown. However, somehow even after restoration, although the buildings now look nice and clean, somehow they have lost its charm.

This is the Nagore Durgha Shrine. It used to be so run down it was in danger of collapsing but after a few years of renovation, it is now opened as an Indian Muslim Heritage Centre. What is said is that it is now so commercialised and there is a cafe right in the middle of the hall! 

Some of the shophouses have been restored by the private sector. This one is fairly well done although it is a pity the coffeeshop on the ground floor spoiled the ambience.

This one at the corner of McCallum Street and Amoy Street is so colorful it looks so weird and out of place! And the picture of the Chinese Junk!

Much better done is this building which is now a hotel known simply as The Club. Tastefully done, it looks even stately.

Another restored building turned hotel is the Scarlet Hotel at Eskrine Road just behind the Club Hotel. Very clean and sanitized!

Across the road at Maxwell Road is the restored Red Dot Traffic Building. This used to be the Traffic Police Headquarter. It now houses a design museum, offices and food outlets. The red color is unique. It makes the building stand a sore thumb!

 Last but not least is the former White House Building which is now known as the Maxwell Chambers. Again, it now houses an arbitration centre and food and beverages outlets but of the whole lot, I think the restoration for this building is the best and the building has regained its past grandeur.

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