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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cheng Teng @ Amoy Food Centre

Many people have lamented that hawker food are going the way of the dodo bird but there have been a mini revival of sort in recent time with many hotel trained chef setting up their own hawker stall. Over at Amoy there is the Singapore Noodle and now there is a new Cheng Teng stall started by an ex-chef.

Good cheng teng are hard to find nowadays and so finding this one right next to my  work place is super great. The cheng teng here is not great great yet. It has some time to go before it can meet the standardof those at Bedok Corner or Commonwealth. But what it lack in taste, it make up for in its ingredient. It uses only traditional ingredients and no preservatives or refined sugar. 

 There are no cheap ingredient like barley, jelly strips. Instead there are dried persimmon, dried longan, gingko nut, red date, sweet potato, sago, winter melon,white fungus, pong tai hai which is the brown seaweed like stuff  and rock sugar.

The stock is a bit thin, very light in color and not as sweet as I would like. There are too little pong tai hai but overall this is pretty good stuff. Light and clear very good for cleansing one palate after a heavy meal.

The stall is on the 2nd floor of the Amoy Food Centre. Each bowl cost $2.50 a bit steep but in my opinion well worth the money. And in case anyone is wondering, the chef didn't pay me to do this write up.

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