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Friday, February 6, 2009


On Facebook, there is 'tag' thing and one of them is this '25' thing. Apparently, once someone tag a person, that person is suppose to write 25 things about themselves. So here is my list. I think it will appear in my facebook. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

25 things I buah tahan:

1, Armpit hairs on women
2. Men (somehow they all seem to be from the PRC) scratching their foot on the MRT and thereafter sniffing their hands
3. Man and man holding hands and walking on the street
4. Panty line peeping out from a woman's trouser/skirt
5. Butt crack peeping out from a woman's trouser or worse, a man's trouser
6. People burping out loud
7. Cyclists riding on pedestrian walkway and ringing their bells incessantly
8. Runners/cyclists/motorcyclists running/cycling/riding abreast and blocking everybody else
9. People who will always complain about government's policies no matter how good it is or what it is
10. People who think they and only they are right and everybody else is wrong
11. People who are pious and religious only in their place of worship and once out of it, behave worse than ........ (what's the word to describe such person?)
12. People at supermarket who poke, open food packaging and throw fruits indiscriminately
13. People who never say thanks when you open the door/hold the lift for them
14. Motorists who drive and talk/sms on the phone at the same time
15. Motorists who sound their horns the minute the traffic light turn green
16. Drivers who cut across 3 lanes of expressway without regards for other motorists
17. Drivers who drive so slowly you want to bump them off the road
18. People who kick kittens and dogs and hit children
19. Housing agents who call in the middle of the night asking whether you want to sell your place
20. Telemarketers
21. Insurance agents who don't know how to take no for an answer
22. TV advertisements with extra loud music soundtracks
23. The automated phone system that is used by most companies especially the banks
24. The idiotic people in my block of flat who leave their rubbish in the lift landing and their nose muck inside the lift
24. My boss's boss

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