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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I love the month of January & February. No not because it is CNY but in each month, there is the birthday of my 2 favourite ladies. The ladies in my life and so we get to celebrate the occasions. No party just a small private party for all of us at home.Of course, there will be food and cake. Like last month, we went to Werner's Oven and yesterday we went to Shokudu at Raffles City. First time there. There was a long queue outside but it was a short wait before we managed to go it.

The place is designed like a Japanese food street (I think like something in the early days) and just like Marche, each of us were given a card and have to go to each stall to place our order. It was rather fun. The price was a little on the high side for what I called high class hawker food and taste what so so. Including 1 desert and drinks, we spent a total of $119 which comes out to $30 per head which I thought was very reasonable considering that we had lotsa food.

Back home after each dinner, we have the essential food for birthday - Cakes:

Make a guess - which cake is for which ladies?

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