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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine Weekend

Whew so Valentine Day weekend is finally over. Me not the romantic sort and with the exorbitant prices the restaurant charges - certainly not going anywhere near any one of them. And at $10 or more a stalk of rose, there was no way I was going to pay for even one which kinda make somebody disappointed I think.

Started off Saturday at East Coast Park. Didn't go there to run though. Just a simple breakfast at Starbucks or was it Coffee Beans? Not very romantic but hey breakfast set is $7.90 each. Not cheap you know.

Next when over to Marina Barrage. Haven't been there before other than running through during the last AHM. Unfortunately, it was drizzling and rather hazy so the view wasn't really fantastic. Anyway, still took a few shots with my not so trusty HTC Touch.

Slept the whole afternoon before going for dinner.

Talking about dinner, it was alfresco dining with the kids at the most popular eating place in the East. A sumptous and delicious dinner at very down to earth prices. Starter was Singapura salad followed by porc haché in soup based Asian pasta. Main course was Marinated Sweet Chicken on a stick. and last but not least a Chinese Carrot Cake to round off the dinner.

Sunday there was of course the disappointing Valentine Day Run at Bedok Reservoir. And the weekend ended with a hot and stuffy dinner at Changi Village which - all in account for I think the sulky face the whole weekend.

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  1. Nice picture and relaxing weekend I must say.....Ya I know you not 'lomantic' like my D hahahahha....