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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015

2014 - A year of adventures, joy, sadness and mishap and grief. A year of contradictions.

In 2014 I finally managed to check off 2 off the bucket list. 2014 was also the year of first for many things and the year where I got to know many wonderful new friends.Up till October, I would have said this was the best year ever in my slightly over 52 years of living. except for the year I got married and the years the kid came along. And then things went horribly wrong.

But lets recap from the beginning. 

I went mountain climbing in January. That was the first time I attempted a real climb up a real mountain even though this wasn't terribly high. But it was tougher than I expect but I had a lot of fun. But best of all, I got to know a bunch of swell fellas and thereafter for the rest of the year we spent a lot of time together crazy things together - like climbing Mt Kinabalu and going for a "Prawn Mee Marathon".

In February, I broke my vow not to do any more full marathon and ran the Tokyo Marathon. This is probably the only marathon Majors that I can ever hope to do in my life. Check one off the bucket list.

In June, I climbed Mt Kinabalu. Another one off the bucket list. Unfortunately, while we came back from this trip unscathed, a promising young man that I got to know during the first climb in January didn't. He climbed the same mountain in December but did not managed to come back home to his family here in Singapore. He passed away in Kota Kinabalu of a massive brain haemorrhage probably induced by the climb. 

In September I went for the longest trip in my life. All the way to the United Kingdom. And while there, I also ran the longest distance race ever. 50 km to be exact. Not very long distance by some ultra standard but long enough for a lazy bump like me.

But things started going horribly wrong thereafter. Inexplicably I did 2 very dumb things that were totally not in character with my usual self. 2 things that I will remember forever and yet which I cannot do more to rectify in this unforgiving culture. And of course there was the death of my friend. And the diagnosis of the dreaded C for Mum and a minor health scare for me which hopefully will remains just that.

Not the way I had hoped for a wonderful year to end. But I guess that is life. What is going to lie ahead im 2015? The signs isn't exactly good. I spent the last day of 2014 and first day of 2015 mainly in bed, down with a body ache that saps me of all my energy. Probably sign that I am going to come down with something soon. What a crappy way to start the year.

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