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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tofu Chiffon Cake

This has got to be the most expensive chiffon cake I will ever eat. Read in last week's Urban about this place, Glace at Icon, a patisserie (noticed they don't call atas cakeshop a confectionery or bakery?).

Anyway, since the wifey works nearby, got her to get one to try out. She came back with this small beautiful white little box containing eight small slices of the mango chiffon cake. The price? $10.80 which makes it $1.35 a mouthful. Was it worth the money? Well, with tofu as its main ingredients, I supposed it was something different and justified the high price. The bad new is, you can't taste the tofu. The good new is, you can't taste the tofu. Ha ha I can't imagine eating a true tofu cake - it will probably be very bland and I loves my dessert sweet. But if you can't taste the tofu, then what's the difference between this and the other chiffon cake in the market? Okay, it is rather soft, not too sweet and very light and smooth as tofu(pun intended) so one can eat a lot (in fact I think I can finish the whole thing) without feeling guilty.

Final opinion, I think I stick to Yummy Chiffon or Bengawan Solo's Pandan cake.

1 comment:

  1. I love tofu so I'll check this out..meanwhile, tried the beancurd tart near Middle Road, not bad too just like cheese tart :D