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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exam Panic

The furore over the PSLE papers is still ongoing. Every year it is the same. Some kiasu parents will write to the press to complain this or that question is too difficult and their precious darling don't understand the question and is stressed and therefore cannot do well.

Do these parents really think that their little baby will continue to get full marks for every papers they sat for? Come on.. wake up.. this is the real world. Where in the world is exam suppose to be easy? Exams are set at a wide range of difficulty to weed out the good and the not so good - so if the poor child don't understand - it's simply mean the little fella is not up to that standard yet! Don't blame the setters, the teachers or anything. Just accept it and move it.

And for those kids who freaked out over a few tough questions, time for them to be sent to boot camp to be toughen up!

And who am I to criticize? Having put 2 kids through the PSLE and 1 now sitting for the 'O' level, let me state that it's not the end of the world if the children cannot answer every questions and consequently cannot get the 7 or 8 As or whatever.

Let the kids grow up and cope with life's nook and crannies and don't shelter them from all the storms. They will come out stronger and better for it regardless of what results they get and which schools they eventually get to.

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