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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Does any one out there nowadays know what this line on the road is for?

Or how to read these 4 letters and what it means?

I lost track of the time when cars just whizzed through without stopping at minor road to major road. Just the other day, while crossing a side road, a car coming up actually horned at me! I got so pissed off I pointed to the line and the sign and wanted to walk up to him to confront him but my colleague pull me away!

People - if you don't know basic road signs and rules, please don't drive!


  1. I think you need to ask yourself if you had the absolute right of way in such a situation where it is clearly not a pedestrian crossing. Granted that the driver was reckless but I think you are partly at fault... unless the car just appeared out of nowhere and you had not noticed it coming. Don't you think that you should have allowed the car to pass first before you crossed?

    As a driver, I hate it when I drive from a major road into a small lane and have to stop because someone is trying to cross the road when there is obviously no zebra-crossing etc (more so when that fellow takes his or her own sweet time as though he or she owns the road).

  2. I am talking about a car coming out from a minor road to a major road not from a major road to a small lane. The stop line and stop sign is for the car to stop. It is a requirement by law throughout the world and not just in Singapore. The car has to stop. Period!

    In this particular instance, I was halfway across the road when this car came up. As is peculiar to most motorists in this part of the world, the driver sped up instead of slowing down when approaching the junction. This is dangerous driving notwithstanding whatever the pedestrian may be doing.

    I am a driver too and I stop at all junctions as required to look out for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians before moving off. This should be the way to drive!